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NAE Vegan Men's Belt Jorba Black
NAE vegan belt Jorba
Discover the Jorba Black Belt - a belt with an interesting, solid geometric tile pattern. It has a shiny chrome buckle closure and is slightly tapered at the front. Made from vegan microfiber-based nubuck with a high recycled content....
€49.90 *
NAE Vegan Hiking Boot Eban
NAE Vegan Hiking Boot Eban
The NAE Shoes Eban Green high-top hiking boots are not only stylish and versatile, but also a statement for sustainability and animal friendliness. These shoes are the perfect choice for modern adventurers who respect the environment...
€135.00 *
Nae shoes veganer Sneaker Basic Piñatex
Nae shoes vegan sneaker Basic Piñatex
Laced vegan sneakers for men and women: Made from genuine Piñatex ™, which consists of the fiber of the pineapple leaf. Organic, ecological and conditionally water-repellent material. Breathable and anti-allergic microfiber lining....
€39.90 * €99.00 *
Nae Shoes, Niza veganer Damen Chelsea-Boot Piñatex
Nae Shoes, Niza vegan ladies chelsea boot Piñatex
Vegan women's chelsea sneakers made of fresh, ecological and water-repellent microfibres. The use of polishing cream is not suitable for this shoe. The pattern cut has a normal-wide foot shape. Size: Choose your usual shoe size. If the...
€125.00 *
Nae-Shoes JUNE vegan ankle boots Sustainable autumn-winter
Nae Shoes, JUNE vegan ankle boots
NAE-Shoes is No Animal Exploitation! With June you get a vegan waterproof ankle boot for autumn and winter. The upper material is made of ecological microfiber made from pineapple leaves. The synthetic leather is breathable,...
€119.00 *
NAE Veganer Herbst-Winter Boot Harley
NAE Vegan Autumn-Winter Boot Harley
Vegan unisex boots with a black zipper and decorative, black lacing with silver-colored eyelets. Made from ecological microfiber.
€105.00 * €129.90 *
NAE veganer Damen Gürtel Carm Braun
NAE Vegan Women's Belt Carm Brown
The vegan women's belt Carme is an elegant belt for women, made of vegan leather with a buckle closure and a square tip. This stylish belt is not only a fashion accessory but also an eco-friendly choice. It is made from high-quality...
€49.90 *
NAE veganer Herren Gürtel Calaf Dunkelbraun
NAE vegan men's belt Calaf
Calaf is a vegan men's belt made from ecological and durable microfiber. The belt has a nickel-free, dark blued buckle. Sleek and modern, this vegan belt is perfect for use in both corporate settings and upscale casual events. It is made...
€49.90 *
NAE vegan braided belt Prat EU Made
NAE vegan braided belt Prat | Made in EU
Prat is a braided and elastic men's belt made from vegan materials. The Prat is a stylish men's belt braided from ecological and durable fabric. It has a silver buckle that is nickel free. This sleek and modern vegan belt is perfect for...
€55.00 *
NAE Small Classic Lyon Wallet
NAE Small Classic Lyon Wallet
Lyon is a classic billfold design wallet made from ecological microfiber. This wallet features an embossed logo stamp on the front, three card slots, two bill compartments and a coin compartment. It is handmade in Spain and is available...
€49.90 *
NAE Saya handbag vegan apple leather
NAE Saya handbag vegan apple leather
This beautiful and compact bag is not only noble in ethics and optics but also very functional and practical in everyday life. As the name suggests, Saya is a handbag with a refined and elegant aesthetic, as well as a black and beige...
€99.00 * €145.00 *
NAE vegan women's Chelsea boot Vivian
NAE vegan women's Chelsea boot Vivian
Experience the ultimate in style and comfort with our women's Vivian Chelsea boot, crafted from premium vegan leather. This shoe is not only a fashion accessory, but also a statement for sustainability and ethics. Innovative and durable...
€129.90 *
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