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About us

Oikos ecofashion Founder, Sten Dumaschefski

Oikos ecofashion is your Fairtrade fashion store with ecologically and vegan clothing. We would like to introduce you here. This online shop went live on 09.June 2018.

We offer you ecological street fashion 100% certified Fairtrade vegan and eco friendly. Of course, we continue to expand our offer and look forward to seeing you join us.

What does Oikos mean?

The term Oikos comes from ancient Greek, where it refers to the entirety of an agricultural farm. The crucial aspect here is the entirety, because this ecosystem, which such a farmyard is, can only work in the long term, when it is perfectly balanced. 

So it is easy to understand that the Oikos is the common root of ecology and economics. That is precisely core of our concern, the reunification of healthy ecological environment and healthy economic business!

The founder

Our founder Sten Dumaschefski studied economics and social sciences. He has been active in the textile and fashion trade since 2004. Through studying, traveling and family history, he has always been representing ethical and ecological principles in his business activities. Over time it has become increasingly clear that personal attitudes alone are not enough to clearly distinguish from greenwashing or ambiguous lip service of global enterprises.

That's why we have launched Oikos ecofashion. Clearly positioned fashionable and ethically. Stylish Streetfashion 100% certified by internationally accepted organizations like GOTS, Fairwear and PeTA - ecologically vegan fair!

Why should fashion be vegan?

The majority of our clothing is vegan anyway. Textiles made of cotton, linen or hemp are vegan perfectly fine. Usually it is quickly failed to see, that every small application, whether made of leather or mother of pearl always comes from a living being. These "animal products" sum up to huge numbers and mainly come from factory farmings, which we do not want to support.

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